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Named for the Japanese sun goddess, AMATERASU is based on Japanese principles, techniques, shapes and aesthetics.
SANY0308 のコラージュ
The intricate inspiration for the line comes from the countless colors, patterns and forms of the traditional Japanese kimono and AMATERASU’s quality products are used real piece of kimono fabric by  elaborate hand-picked in all over Japan not only contemporary but also vintage ones have passed on ages.



The eclectic unique designs are created from versatile of ancient Japanese design and culture with sense of transforming into ‘remix’ modern style.
図1 のコラージュ2

The blue print is constructed by uncompromising and inventive spirit by craftsman its process take long time to be completed into beautiful final form of products.


Our products are handcrafted in Japan by the dedication of Japanese artisan, each one is one-of-a-kind and has a limited production and so there is no two alike.
SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA スクリーンショット (310) (800x541)


We share and experience ancient universal value by creation which surprise, discovery, humor, and healing are felt in daily life. We are not fast fashion oriented but hybrid culture evolved as we pursue to present insightful modern value with application of versatile technologies.